Ready to end the cycle of dieting & unknown training for your goals and get your life back?

Why my program?

I’ve been where you are. Confused and unsure what do to with my health and body. I went from an unhealthy, insecure person to an over-dieted, restricted, burnt-out physique competitor and model, only to rebound and lose my health in the process and still confused on how to achieve a sustainable body and health. 



Because I thought the only way to get fit and STAY fit was through hours of cardio, tracking every ounce of food, and skipping out on dessert and life itself.

I only knew how to restrict and diet like crazy, or to overeat to the extreme and watch the weight pile back on.

I needed to find balance. I needed to find a way to look good, feel good, and still be able to eat out on date night, enjoy dessert, and not feel guilty or like I’d just gained 10 pounds.

So I created a lifestyle of wellness, fitness and nutrition that finally gave me the life-fitness balance I craved, and I’m passionate about sharing that with other people!

As Featured In:

Michael B.

I was 220lbs with a relatively higher body-fat percetange. Had been working out on my own for a couple of years but hit a plateau and seeing no progress. Then I reached out to Alex; he's taught me a lot about nutrition & training. I got down to 189lbs and my strength is up and hitting PRs (personal records) I could never dream off.

Ashley M.

I lost 39.6lbs, just .4lbs short of 40lbs! Pick up a 40lbs dumbbell, carry it around for a while and you will be out of breath and I was carrying that around every day. When I began I didn't have any idea what and how to workout but with his help I learned so much and most importantly how to sustain my results. If you get a chance to work with Alex don't send doubt it, trust he will help you all the way

Erich E.

HUGE shoutout to Alex and his program,

we did the 90 day online program.

I am down 30lbs. We are crushing it! His

programs are easy to understand and his communication is #1. I am the happiest I have

ever been because of Alex.

Devon W.

When most people hire a coach it's usually to lose weight, not gain it. Hours of cardio and under eating were what I had thought would lead to my optimal body but actually I was far from the truth. I decided to work with Alex because I knew he could help me gain lean muscle and trust he wasn't going to give any extreme diets to follow. Best decision ever!

Jorge P.

Hiring Alex as my coach was the best decision I made for myself. For years I was lost trying different diets and workouts until I got on the phone with him and I realized I was just yo-yo dieting all the time and never seeing the results I wanted. We've been working now for several years and he's my coach for life!

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