5 Ways to Strengthen your Mind

A strong body is nothing without a strong mind. Here’s 5 ways to improve how you think and strengthen your thoughts.

  1. Meditation 🧘‍♂️- many believe meditation is sitting there and trying not to think 💭 about anything. In fact meditation has been shown in over 1,400 studies to improve quality of thought and life. By learning to meditate you slowly train your mind how to be more mindful of life itself and control your emotions. These are just a few ways meditation can help you. I personally recommend using Headspace app to assist you.📷

  2. Reading - it’s no shocker that reading 📖 improves your quality of life and your mindset. By learning new ideas you create a better way of understating your life and the world you live in. Weights are to the muscle , as books are to the mind. Read multiple subjects and commit to a few books a month.📷

  3. New Tasks - whether it’s learning how to cook, speak a new language or trying a new workout class, spice things up with something completely out of your element. This will light up new parts of your brain that you’ve never used and challenge you the most.📷

  4. Journal 📓- Writing about your day, life, or topics that interest you can be good for your memory, thinking processes and language abilities. Write down all the achievements you want to accomplish today and those that you weren’t able to. Question yourself and write down ways to achieve your goals. Writing ✍️ is also slowly getting set back by texting and typing . It’s a good skill to practice and allows the brain to trigger more.📷

  5. Play Games - that’s right , playing a video game 🎮 or cellphone game has actually been shown to improve dexterity and depending on the game acuity in response times. So take a few minutes a day to relax and play a game. Play something that makes you have to think quick.


Give your brain new ideas to contemplate, new skills to master, and new experiences to enjoy. You’ll have a stronger brain, and you’ll live a fuller life.




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