5 Clean Bulk Hacks -

Adding weight shouldn’t be just so the number on the scale goes up. Here’s 5 ways to add the right type of weight while keeping your athletic and performance skills on game.

  1. - 1 Add Cardio - HIIT or LISS can be used for your clean bulking needs. If you go with a HIIT approach you can work on power and speed on addition to your cardiovascular conditioning. If you go with LISS, it will simply mean you will work primarily your cardiovascular conditioning. Why is cardio important during a clean bulk? As you add weight your heart will need to slowly start pumping more blood to more tissue. You don’t want to add muscle without keeping your performance game on point. Better cardiovascular health also means more efficient distribution of oxygen and nutrients to your body, this in turn will make you more efficient in your lifts. Make sure you nutrition is on point and still on a surplus of calories while adding 3 sessions of cardio on average per week.📷

  2. Track your macros - Common mistake most people do is add too many calories too fast to their daily regimen and don’t have a clue how many they are adding. This will add weight fast but not the right kind. Be sure to know how many calories of surplus you are consuming daily and slowly keep adding more as needed. Don’t follow what someone else is doing, do YOU. If you have a hard time eating I suggest a lean gainer like Optimum Nutrition 100% gold standard gainer.

  3. Focus on the compound movement - You won’t be adding too much muscle if you spend most of your training on isolation exercises such as curls, extensions and lateral raises. Focus your training around squats, deadlifts, presses, pushes and pulls. These are compound movements that will involved a large amount of muscles and help you in your overall journey to add muscle. Get stronger and lift smart. 📷

  4. Keep track of measurements and pics - Adding numbers to the scale is easy, however you want those numbers to be quality not quantity. Take progress pictures once a week and measure your body parts. Everyone grows at a different rate but you want to ensure you are not adding too much fat around your muscle. Be real with yourself. Just because your t-shirt is now becoming tighter doesn’t mean you are adding pounds of muscle. If you feel you are adding too much body fat go back to point #2 and know how many calories and from where they are coming.📷

  5. Quality foods - Don’t go to your fast food joint and eat there daily. You want to ensure your bulk is a healthy one. Add quality foods that aren’t fully processed and full of artificial ingredients. You’re trying to add muscle not become a walking sign for artificial products. Your body will thank you!




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