5 Nutrition Mistakes You're Making

Let’s be honest, if you want to see changes in your health and physique you first must start by looking at your nutrition. You can spend hours in the gym or outside training, but if your nutrition is not on point with your goals, then you will not benefit from all that hard work. That’s why it’s crucial you avoid making these 5 common mistakes with your nutrition, allowing you to excel and ensuring all your hard work is paying off.

1. You’re unsure how to eat for your specific goals

Often most people just eat “healthy”. But what does that really mean? Eating healthy is a good start, but do you know how many grams of protein, carbs and fats you need on a daily basis reach your goals? Different macronutrient needs are required depending on what goal you are looking to achieve, whether it be to gain lean muscle mass, lose weight, or improve performance. Once you are able to articulate what your goal is, the next step will be to outline how many calories you will need to consume to reach your goal. Most people assume they are eating properly for their needs but the majority of the time aren’t. Know your numbers! Start measuring your foods and keeping track of these numbers. After all, you can’t start your journey if you don’t know where you even are

2. You’re not consuming enough protein

Knowing how much protein you are consuming is vital for whatever goals you are trying to achieve, whether it be trying to lose stubborn body-fat, gaining muscle, or improving your sports performance. . As you spend time breaking down muscle tissue it’s crucial to repair it and start the recovery and growth phase. Protein is essential to kickstart this step. Adding a protein shake such as GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY facilitates your intake of protein and makes it convenient for anyone to supplement their daily needs of protein anywhere they go. Additionally, eye balling your food will not result in the same benefits as knowing exactly how much protein you are consuming.

3. You’re not making smart substitutions

Did you know there are more than 30+ different types of diets? Each with a diverse way of telling you the same thing; don’t eat “this” or don’t eat “that”. The problem with most diets is they are not sustainable on the long term and can create health hazards. Instead of jumping on the latest fad diet for a fast weight loss solution start by simply eliminating the foods you know aren’t helping you with your goals; sodas, high processed carbs, desserts, and alcohol.. Excluding these items entirely from your diet can be difficult, start by making small substitutions and work your way up from there.

These small changes can start with avoiding drinking sodas or high sugary drinks and substituting them with a 0 calorie drink such as AMINO ENERGY. Try replacing higher fat oils and butters with 0kcal spraying oils. There are countless substitutions you can make to cut the higher calorie intakes foods you are consuming and help you lose weight without jumping on crazy weight loss schemes.

4. You’re not adding enough rich dense foods

Hunger remains one of the biggest complaints for those trying to lose weight. Adding in rich dense foods that are full of vitamins and minerals, helping to feed the body at a cellular level can help to solve the hunger problem. Include as many vegetables as you wish in your plates as they are higher in fiber. Plain chicken and broccoli or fish and rice will not suffice your needs. Including foods such as avocados, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, eggs and yogurts to your daily diet will help to keep you fuller throughout the day.

5. You’re not eating for your lifestyle

Similar to not knowing how to eat for your goals, you must also eat for your needs.. You need to know how to eat for your lifestyle. The needs of someone who sits in an office all day are not the same as someone who is constantly on the move all day. The big problem we see is people like to research online what others are doing and but fail to take into account how active he/she may be behind the scenes. In addition, everyone’s schedule is varies. It’s common to hear that it’s optimal to eat 4-6 times a day, but what if your schedule doesn’t allow it? That’s why it’s crucial to first know your goals and secondly adopt a nutrition program that fits those goals and your lifestyle. Implementing a plan that is conducive to your lifestyle will leave you more likely to stick to your plans and on the path to achieving your goals.



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