6 Smart Supplement Consumer Tips

While some stores actually have salesmen who know what they are talking about and honestly are trying to help you, others unfortunately will try and sell you the most expensive product they have to make a better commission for themselves. Sometimes it’s a positive experience and sometimes, well, a not so positive one. But regardless of that, here’s 6 tips you should always apply when shopping while trying to save and get the best that you are looking for.

Compare products of the same kind/ingredient

Sometimes we are so used to buying the same product over and over that we never actually check to see if another brand might have the exact same ingredients and quantity of those same ingrediets for less money. I know it can be uncomfortable trying to look at product if the sales people are constantly down your throat trying to tell you what to buy, but step it up and tell them you are trying to look at everything before you make your choice. Compare the products of the same kind and look at their prices, are you paying for quality? Namebrand? Or marketing? Go with quality always over anything else! I always encourage all my clients to look at Optimum Nutrition products as they are GMP Certified and pass regulations world wide.

Do your homework ahead

When buying a supplement at a store, first go online and research the products you are looking for instead of venturing into a store with an idea of what you might want and end up leaving with 3 different things you didn’t plan buying. Come with a strong mind set that you are there just to buy ‘X’ product and you will leave with that product since you already knew what it does and what it has in it.

Buying protein the smart way

If you are buying protein, be sure to check the following. Check the total price but also then check how much protein per scoop is in each scoop and how many total servings you will get out of that product. Sometimes you think you are paying less because you are spending less today, however if the product requires you to have to add more scoops to reach the total amount of protein you need in each single serving then you might have to come back to get more protein later and not save money at all.

Don’t fall under the marketing schemes

If you read point 1 and 2 then you should know not to fall under marketing label schemes. A lot of the products are placed strategically in the store for you to clearly see them or be less likely to see them. Look around the entire store and be sure to not fall under any marketing scheme a ‘new’ product might have. If you know the main ingredients you are looking for and you did your homework then you will probably leave the store knowing you did the best purchase but if you left wondering then you should have stayed longer in the store and researched. Some sales people want you to buy quickly and leave, but take your time. Feel comfortable that you didn’t just buy a new hyped product for no reason.

Know which store you are going too and their perks

If you are randomly going to a store every time you purchase supplements then you might be missing on their special deals and member discounts. I know a lot of stores that have free memberships you can be part off, that will save you a good 10-15% on every purchase. Then there are stores that you can purchase their annual card and save you even more. At first you might think it’s an additional $10-$15 you don’t want to spend today, but if you already come back 2-3 times to the same store you probably will save some money on the long run. Ask the store if they have any deals and special members card or discounts so that you can save a bit of money when you return.

Making a smart choice

If you don’t know what you are looking for, you didn’t do your homework before stepping into the store. After all, we are talking about your health, so doing a little research online is always wise. There are way too many products out there that are under dosed and the body won’t even respond to the dosage of the ingredients on the label. First always ask your physician/doctor to see if you can take these products and then go back to point #2 and do a bit of research on what you think you want to buy. You don’t have to know exactly what you are looking but if it’s worth a search engine look then I would advise on it and see what people are saying about specific ingredients and products and finally if they are even worth your hard earned money.



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