Add muscle, not fat! Adding weight the right way

Add the right kind of weight!

Adding weigh to the scale just to see the numbers going up will result in bad health and poor lean muscle mass growth. Make sure you are adding lean muscle and not just fat in your off-season.

1 Your Macros Suck - If you are training really hard and aren’t feeding the body quality macronutrients (fats, carbs and proteins) then forget about it. It’s like trying to build a sky scrapper out of paper; it will collapse. You need to ensure you are getting quality dense nutrients your body can use for energy, repair itself and sustain a physical active lifestyle. Eating calories just to eat calories is a horrible idea. You’ll get fat not fit.

2 Training Inconsistency - If you are eating a ton of calories because your best friend told you so or you read “eat big to get big” somewhere and it’s not working then there is a reason for that. Training big also means training consistently. You can’t expect to add lean muscle by training a few days of the week and stop and pick it up when it fits your schedule. Make the time to consistently train hard. 

3 Unrealistic expectations - Because of the online world people constantly compare themselves to others and believe that muscle building is something that happens over night. You could actually be adding quality weight but because you are so impatient you decide to eat more under the idea you will get muscle faster. It doesn’t work that way. Train hard, eat quality ingredients and rest to allow the body to do it’s job. Finally, be patient. Don't bulk for 3 months and try and cut immediately after. The yo-yo effect on the scale and your health will not help you. Spent at least 6 months adding quality weight before you decide to trim some body fat down. If you'd it correctly you will not have to shed that much body fat anyways.

4 Your Macros are working against you - Going back to point one, first you need to eat quality foods to grow your muscles, but you also need the appropriate numbers of each to ensure quality muscle.  Ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet to sustain muscle building (.8g-1.3g per lbs), quality fats to help you naturally build the hormones you need to build muscle (20-30% of your total daily caloric intake) and carbs to sustain the energy to have good workouts. Don't rush your results.




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