Are you wasting money on supplements?

Supplements without a doubt have a role in enhancing your physique and may even help you achieve your goals faster. But if you are consuming them, are you making one of the below mistakes?

1. Lack of consistency - Unfortunately many believe that by starting a certain supplement they will either feel the effects immediately or the next day. Most supplements take time to build up and have the desired effects in our bodies.  Taking it on the days you remember is not enough.  You must be consistent with what you take and the dosage recommended.  


2. Believing everything you read - The supplement market can be sketchy. Many products promise superman properties out of their products that many consumers fall victims too. Do your research on the ingredients you are buying and most importantly make sure there is enough of a certain ingredients to actually have an effect in your system. Don’t believe everything you read and research what you are buying prior to spending your hard earned money.


3. Relying on them - Nothing will replace hard work inside and outside the gym. No supplement is going to work better than optimal nutrition and no supplement will do the hard work of building muscle or making you lose body fat. Don’t rely on these products, use them to supplement an already proper nutrition and training regimen. 


4. Poor Timing - Certain supplements work best at certain specific times of the day. Optimizing the timing for supplement intake can have a massive impact on muscle growth and recovery. It's just as important to read the directions as it is to know when the most beneficial time is to ingest a dietary supplement. After all, you don't want to take a product that's supposed to enhanced your night time recovery right when you wake up, would you?


5. Being Cheap with your supplements - Certain people want to save their product and use it for as long as possible by taking half or a third of the recommended dosage. This won’t help you as certain products require an ‘X’ amount of milligrams or grams in your body to create the effects their intended to do. (Not talking about stimulants as everyone is different) Trying to save money and making a product last longer might not be the best options. Also, make sure you research the company you are buying from. Quality ingredients matter! Same as food.




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