Balancing your life with fitness for optimal results

You've got one life, one body, choose your actions wisely

If you’ve been trying to get in shape for a while now and have failed then it’s time you start understanding how to balance it in your daily life. It’s time you stop looking at what others are doing and analyze what you want out of your fitness and how you will balance it with your own lifestyle. Just remember one thing though, your current self-who’s failed at balancing fitness will need to re-adjust and change some daily routine in order to succeed, after all, you have to start thinking of what the person you want to be is already doing in order at keeping a balanced active lifestyle.

Time, that’s the number one reason most feel they fail at balancing their lifestyle the way they’d wish they could. But time isn’t the issue here. Money you say? It’s also not that. It’s your mindset and current priorities. So, here’s 4 ways that you can start balancing your lifestyle to get in the shape and health you’ve always wanted.

1.) You need to think of fitness as a lifestyle

The biggest difference between those who succeed at achieving their fitness results and those who want it and continue to struggle with it is consistency. If you want to be forever fit, you have to realize that fitness is forever. It’s a lifestyle plain and simple. It’s not just a 30 or 60-day challenge you do and done. IF you don’t enjoy it, it’s because you haven’t yet found something that fits you. Just because everyone else goes to the gym doesn’t mean that’s where you belong. Try classes, different locations and modalities. You can simply go out for a run or join a gym. The options are limitless.

You don't do fitness for just 30,60,90 days and done, it's a lifestlye to adopt

2.) Your priorities aren’t straight

Money is what most people think about these days. But did you know that the better you feel and look the more self-esteem will be generated? And that those with higher self-esteem and presence tend to have higher salaries and levels of happiness? I’m not saying start exercising to make more money, but I am saying that if your priorities are not aligned with your goals then no matter what crazy next diet or exercise program you do, you’ll most likely fail. Forget the happy hours and constant partying. Start prioritizing your health and fitness goals first.

3.) Create Routines

Creating that balance you seek with your lifestyle can take a little bit of time. But once reached life is way easier. My morning daily routine includes waking up, drinking a serving of Gold Standard Isolate and taking my Opti-Men multivitamin. Following that I start meditating or performing my morning cardio routine and stretches. You know how long it took me to start that routine and stop snoozing my alarm 4-5 times every morning? Months! But it is now as part of me as it is brushing my teeth. Once you slowly, you heard it right, slowly creating your routines you will automatically do them as they are part of you.

4.) Balance = Patience

The biggest problem with many these days is the want it now. They don’t want to put the effort of it now but want the results yesterday. Remember one thing, you can’t and won’t erase months or years of negative habits in just a few days or weeks. Building the lifestyle you want takes patience and consistency. You will need to be patient with balancing your new fitness lifestyle because it is new to you. Start writing down when you will go to the gym, when you will be eating, working, sleeping and everything else you want to get done. Organizing your day will give you the freedom to not have to think about it later



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