Cutting & Bulking Mistakes

Cutting & Bulking Mistakes - bulking and cutting are still a traditional way for many to add or lose weight. But if you are doing to do it, don’t make these mistakes. 

1 - Yo-yo your weight - When cutting and bulking many set their goals just on the number on the scale. “I want to be 220lbs” Once they reach that number they immediately start cutting with another number in their mind “I want to be 190lbs”. But does the number on the scale mean anything if the body composition goals aren’t accomplished? Instead of aiming just for the weight track your goals with the mirror and avoid going up and down and up and down just based on number goals. 

2 - Not having clear goals - What’s the goal of your cut or bulk? Is it just size? Are you wanting to get stronger as well? You must have clear goals with what you are trying to accomplish with increasing or decreasing your weight.  Similar to point 1 having goals just based on numbers isn’t optimal. During a bulk you will have excess energy to push heavier weight, aim at getting stronger, increasing your power output and intensity of training. When cutting, aim at retaining the most amount of muscle while also maintaining the strength you’ve slowly gained. 

3 - Going extremes - Increasing your calories dramatically and then reducing them the same way isn’t healthy and will not result in a good bulk or cut. Slowly increase your calories week by week and notice the results not only in the scale but in the mirror. If you feel you are gaining too much body fat than decrease the total intake of calories. Same goes with cutting. Don’t just go from one day to the other and drastically cut calories down. Decrease them slowly so you may retain strength and size gains done correctly during the bulk phase. Similarly also don’t go crazy on cardio while cutting and lose muscle tissue. 

4 - Focusing only on weight gain - when bulking, don’t just focus on how big and strong you are getting. Incorporate cardiovascular work smarty and don’t neglect other areas of fitness like agility, mobility and flexibility. You don’t want a big body just for looks, you want to have a balanced healthy body. Keep a balanced body. 

5 - Be Patient - When you’ve finished a bulk or cut and going to start the next one, plan ahead and be patient with your next phase. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. If you have been bulking for 6 months, expect to slowly cut. Don't expect just 2 months to get rid of all the excess body fat added. Plan how you will add or decrease the calories from quality foods. When bulking, don’t just eat everything in sight and expect muscle to grow. Similarly when cutting don’t eliminate everything off your menu under the impression that there are “fat burning foods” or “clean foods”. Balance is key in both phases.




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