The 3 C's of successful fitness in the Fall

Apply these 3 concepts and conquer the fall season to your advantage

I’ll be the first to admit that fall isn’t my thing. Just reminds me of the cold that’s up ahead in Colorado and how day light savings makes everything darker sooner. However if we decided to take care of our health only based on seasonal advantages we would all be in big trouble. Whether its bright and sunny or cold and dark your health must remain a priority at all costs. That being said I want to share with you 3 ways you’ll stay in shape in this time of transition.

Sync your calendar on all your devices so you remember that when it's time to workout nothing else stands in the way

1️⃣ Commitment

You have to start planning exercise, just like you do everything else, like meetings, dinners, and getting kids to lessons and practice. Put it on your calendar like you would anything else you have to do during your day. I'd rather see a brand-new client work out for 10 minutes a day rather than one hour every month. Committing to even writing down when your workouts will be is a commitment as you have to sit down and plan these ahead. It's been shown on countless studies that when you write things down they are much more likely to happen vs just planning them out in your head. I would encourage you spend 10-15 minutes on a Sunday evening planning all your workouts and never allowing anything else getting in between the times you wrote down. If a friend is coming into town or you have someone who wants to have lunch you must prioritize what you wrote down and take care of yourself. Friends, lunches and dinners will come and go, your health will not.

Put on some motivational videos or music when driving from work to the gym. Mentally prepare yourself to give it your all.

2️⃣ Convenience

Convenience means choosing a gym that's close by, or an activity you can do at home, or a time when you're not likely to be interrupted. Maybe on your way home or on the way to work. Make it so it’s convenient for you to get your exercise in. Personally whenever I choose to join a new gym or class I make sure that it's in my route or somewhere I know it'll be easy for me to drive or have access too. It's unrealistic to want to drive out of your way to go workout when you feel like you had a long and tough day at work. There's less chance of talking yourself out of working out when it's either in the way home or near by. I would encourage that if you go after work, for you to have everything you need clothes and supplements wise. Prevent from having to stop at home to pick these up as most likely the moment you see your couch or bed or tv you'll want to sit and not leave the home. As I mentioned above, schedule these workouts ahead and prepare yourself ahead for success.

3️⃣ Compromise

It gets darker earlier, naturally you want to go home not the gym and have to put out more energy. But you will have to compromise what you feel at the moment for what you want on the long term

Remember, motivation can change day by day and when the weather starts getting colder you’ll need more than motivation to get you active, you’ll need a stronger “why” to pull you through your “fall” days. With seasons change come new holidays and festivities, are you willing to compromise and avoid being like everyone else who prioritizes their sweet tooth and comfort and decide to want to make a change in your life? This will require you to compromise and balance the things you enjoy with the things you must do to improve your health.




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