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Located near the entrance of modern Belmar, the AC Driven Personal Training studio has already won the Top of the Town Best Studio in Denver award. We want you to feel energized, motivated and strong.

Our studio was designed with one goal in mind; to have all the tools necessary we need to help everyone and anyone who is ready for change transform their bodies and health in a safe environment. With close to 3,000 sq ft. we have multiple pieces of equipment ranging from dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX Training Systems, Cables, two large green turfs, machines and much more guaranteeing your success. We also have a large vast free parking lot so all our members can park without worry.

Need to charge your smartphone? While training with your trainer, our cubbies supply chargers so you never have to worry about low battery. Additionally we also have towels and keep all equipment cleaned and sanitized daily. Because we are a private studio, we ensure a clean studio before and after your sessions. Our max capacity ensures you and your trainer will always be focused with no distractions from outsiders.


The personal training program at our studio is designed to ensure each member reaches their optimal level of fitness and health. Through innovative training and a solid foundation of strength-based and circuit movements, we help members create a body that’s functional, lean and strong. Each program begins by using our exclusive lifestyle questionnaire that allows us to get to know you and allow us to create a program that will allow you to reach your goals with no crash diets or fads. With this as a baseline, we develop a customized program that targets members’ specific needs and goals. We work tirelessly to ensure each workout is challenging, engaging, and delivers results.

Besides training with one of our certified trainers, you will also receive a nutrition program and be added to the Driven APP so you can follow your workouts no matter where you are. Don't want to go to a gym to get the rest of your workouts? No problem! With our exclusive lifestyle questionnaire you can tell us whether you want to workout from home on the days we don't see you or at the gym. No matter where you train outside of our walls we will ensure your workouts can be done anywhere and don't have any doubts.

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