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As the years went by Alexandre kept self-educating himself in the field of sports performance, contest preps, sports, health and wellness nutrition, ergogenic aid supplementation, mindset and many various fields that would continue to grow his knowledge and enable him to keep helping others world wide achieve their goals. Today Alexandre still resides in Colorado where he owns AC DRIVEN Personal Training and helps as many clients as he possibly can be the best versions of themselves. His fitness expertise are seek world wide by companies like 24hr Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Bodybuilding,com, Men's Health and several more. 


Denver Univision TV Anchorman

Univision Network Producer/Director

"Having a program designed just for my lifestyle has been a game changer for my health and body"


              WWE SuperStar/ Actress

                  Instagram Superstar

"Been the leanest in years and it's the most I have ever eaten with the program by Alex Carneiro.


WWE SuperStar/Actor

"Treat working with Alex Carneiro on my way down to my lowest body-fat. Drug Free and tailored for 5 days on the road"

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