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10 Simple Steps for a Better Morning & Day

For some starting the day means immediately checking their phones and answering emails Then immediately they start doing their traditional morning errands; taking the dogs out, preparing breakfast, preparing the kid's breakfast or simply heading to work. But what if you could make your mornings more efficient and productive towards your health goals and improve your quality of life from the moment you wake up? Wouldn't that be great?! Here's a few simple things that if doable in your daily morning routine will definitely improve your quality of life/day but also help you reach your fitness and health goals as well.


  1. As soon as you get out of bed drink 10-15oz of water (just water)

  2. If you can wake up earlier or have the time, go for a 30 min walk. Just walk, not even jog, but if you want to burn a few more calories during the day jog outside or on a treadmill (fasted)

  3. Take a multivitamin/mineral every morning with your breakfast

  4. Avoid jumping immediately on your phone. Take 5 minutes to reflect on what you are greateful about and how you want your day to be. Getting on your phone to check the news, work emails or social media can immediately negatively affect your state of mind depending on what you see and already turn your day into a negative element.

  5. Read 1 and only 1 motivational quote a morning. More than one and you won't remember all of them. Take that 1 to the heart and repeat it daily.

  6. Spend 5 to 10 minutes listening to music while you start your errands. This one can dramatically help you.

  7. Take a cool shower. Taking a warm shower can put you back into a sleepy mode. Cooler water (not cold) can wake you up.

  8. Make a list of what you have to do for the day instead of worrying about all the things you might forget. Organizing your thoughts means organizing your mind and your day will be more peaceful

  9. If you have the time stretch and or meditate for 5-10 min. This will create a peaceful mindset for the day you have ahead

  10. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST - so many people think by skipping breakfast that they will lose more body-fat. Studies have actually shown people who skip breakfast have the tendency of binge eating later.

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