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5 Supplements That May Help with Weight Loss

Let's begin with the fundamental, no supplement will ever beat a proper and nutrition regiment. Supplements as their name imply are there to supplement your current active lifestyle and proper nutrition. Weight loss will not occur until your mindset, lifestyle and habits change to be in sync with your goals. That being said, here's 5 I recommend.

1.) Caffeine - The universal stimulant! Caffeine simply works by increasing up your body’s metabolic rate such that you may burn more calories. But be careful too much caffeine daily can definitely have side effects. I personally look to use caffeine products that use natural sources and not the typical Caffeine Anhydrous which is synthetically made. Optimum Nutrition's product like Amino Energy derives their caffeine from green coffee extract and so and it doesn't make me crash later as bad. Have you ever looked at the source of caffeine you've bene using? Common doses are 200-400mg daily. I would also recommend to get off of it once in a while so you don't build a tolerance to it and have to use more and more for the same effects.

2.) L-Tyrosine - I'll start by stating that in high amounts this is NOT a good amino acid to be supplementing. But at a good 200-600mg daily it can help in several ways. Have you ever noticed this product on energy drinks? Many contain it for a good reason. The simplest way to explain how L-Tyrosine may help is by stating that it aids in keeping your thyroids in check and can increase your metabolism function. It is part of the building blocks of the hormones/neurotransmitters including: dopamine, dihydroxyphenyalanine (DOPA), norepinephrine, and epinephrine, in the central and peripheral nervous system and adrenal medulla, and thyroxine and triiodothyronine by the thyroid gland.

3.) L- Carnitine - this one in particular I was having second doubts on adding here to the list. But I have used and learned how to use it efficientely. First off, this amino acid can't be taken on itself. I highly recommend you take it with your breakfast or a carb containing meal as it won't be as efficient if it does not enter your muscle tissue. L-Carnitine is confused as a fat burner and it's not. It's a fat transporter. What does this mean? it means that if that fat isn’t burned for fuel, it’ll remain in the blood stream and end up getting stored again. L-Carnitine It helps transport the released fat into your cell's mitochondria, where will be burned. A good 1g to 3g daily will do well.

4.) Cinnamon extract - You mean like the spice? Yep! In fact it's probably cheaper to use the real thing than buying a supplement made of it. In addition to focusing on calories, another trick to aiding fat loss is keeping insulin levels low. Add it to your oats in the AM or even in your post workout shake. This spice which can be bought as a supplement helps with insulin control. Insulin has MAJOR roles in fat and muscle gain / loss. It will help you keep your insulin controls steady, specially after a workout and benefit you on the long run.

5.) Forskolin - You want something that will help you burn fat and also help you raise natural testosterone? Well here you go! Forskolin is an herbal extract from Coleus forskohlii, a plant belonging to the mint family. Forskolin boosts fat loss by activating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase. This enzyme triggers a chain of events including activation of the hormone-sensitive lipoprotein lipase, which allows fat stored in fat cells to be broken down for use as fuel. Taking about 30-50mg 3x/ day with food will do the job

These 5 supplements listed above aren't miracle workers, but they are things I personally add to my regimen in order to give me that extra fat burning kick. Always consult with your primary care before you take any supplements.

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