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5 Ways Get a Flat Stomach Faster

Abdominal related articles are amongst some of the most read topics side to side with fat loss “hacks”. Truth is most articles related to abs though highlight crazy routines and unrealistic movements that most people could not even remotely safely do. So what’s the key to a flat stomach and sculpted core?


1 Focus on nutrition

No matter how many reps and sets and variation of exercises you perform, if your body is covering the midsection with body fat you won’t be able to see any of that hard work. Now I’m not saying don’t train them, in fact I highly encourage you too, as the abs are part of the core and they are the Bridget to to your lower and upper body. But focus on eating on a calorie deficit first to lose the body fat in order to see all that hard work that’s covered


2 Modify your routine

Your body doesn't just work in one plane of movement, so why should your abs? Often it’s easy to simply do what we are best at, or, we do that we know. There isn't a specific abs routine that will work “best” than all others, but changing your routine can maximize the results. The common moves many of us know like crunches, sit-ups, rope crunches, leg raises and broom twists are great, but if that’s all you do, then it’s time to get creative and learn some new moves


3 Frequency can be overrated

I’m always asked if I do abs daily. Why would I do that? It’s like any other muscle, you wouldn’t catch me doing biceps every day, so why would I train my abs any differently? If you are advanced I would even say train them 4 times per week but from different angles and exercises, however I would never encourage someone newer to training to train them more than twice a week. It’s about smart training not more. Doing 1000 sit ups is ridiculous, you think I’m joking, but after *cough *cough certain movie came out years ago about a group of warriors that all looked great, people started reading the articles and believing even more than ever that you should train them like a maniac


4 Dial up the resistance

Weighted movements aren’t just for your chest and biceps, so go ahead an add some weighted resistance to your abdominal movements. You can use bands, dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells even. Like any other muscle, abs need to be challenged to get stronger. However, I will not encourage to add too much weight either, it’s a fine balance. I say enough weight to make it harder but not so much where it affects your form or puts your back in any potential danger


5 Take it Slow

Think speeding through your ab workout will speed up your results? Think again. Often I see people doing abs like they’re trying to lift themselves off the floor and fly. Usually when I see this too the form gets completely omitted and the abs aren’t even fully engaged anymore. To really feel the burn, try slowing down. By changing the speed of your abs exercises, you'll work your abs in a more targeted manner

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