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Avoid feeling bloated

What are some tips to feel less bloated after drinking?

Ever notice a bit more puffiness in your face and your body after a night of drinking? That can be normal for many of us. This is due to irritation of our gastrointestinal track which causes us to bloat. Alcohol itself is an inflammatory substance and when you combine it with sugary and carbonated drinks the bloating can become stronger. The number one way to prevent this type of bloating is by drinking more water. Highly advisable that when you wake up start hydrating immediately. Try to stay away from carbonated drinks, chewing gum and any higher salty foods. Hitting the gym is a great way to start sweating as exercise will improve your circulatory system and slowly help with the bloated feeling. Avoid additionally gas causing foods such as dairy,fatty foods, artificial sugars, certain greens and additional alcohol for the day in order to prevent further bloating in your system. If you are in a hurry to de-bloat I would encourage a combination of water with lemon and cayenne. Add the juice from half a lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper into a large glass of water. Adding a shot of turmeric and ginger in the am can help as well as these two spices have countless times been shown to be great anti-inflammatories for your GI tract.


What are some tips for how guys can feel less bloated when flying?

Flying can most definitely throw our bodies off our normal routines. Airplane bloat is a common problem and the key is identifying if you are feeling bloated because of water retention or your digestive tract. The change in air pressure may cause gases in your body to expand. Either one is not pleasant. The first recommendation is to avoid those salty snacks they might serve on the plane. Our bodies might be extra sensitive to the fact that most of us don’t hydrate well on a plane and on top of that eat salty snacks. Avoid salty foods prior to boarding on the plane as

well as they will affect you during your flight. These are very common in all snack shops and

restaurants around the boarding gate. Possibly limit your alcohol and caffeine content on the

actual flight and try to bring with you a water bottle to be drinking and hydrating on the actual

flight. While on the actual plane, try to move around, staying seated for many hours on end may result in discomfort, moving a little even if it’s going to the bathroom may prevent less bloating inside your body. Some also suffer from ear pressure discomfort and chew on gum to fight this, unfortunately chewing gum may cause flying bloat due to the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols in them.

What are some tips for how guys can feel less bloated after eating a big meal?

Bloating after eating a bigger meal is not a cause for concern and it can be avoided by following a few following practices. Common bloating foods are usually related to dairy, beans, certain cruciferous vegetables and high fibers, ensure that you avoid these after your big meal so you don’t further aggravate the stomach. Take away the salt, eating too much salt not only isn’t good for you, but can increase your blood pressure which can easily lead to bloating. Limiting your carbonated drinks will also help you after that big meal as the carbon dioxide gas builds up

in the body and can quickly make you feel further bloated. Supplements such as digestive

enzymes, pro-biotics and anti-gas medication may alleviate that discomfort after the food has

been ingested as they may help break that food down and alleviate gas building in your

stomach. It may seem like that last thing you would want to do as well, but after that big meal

taking a short 5-10 minute walk may also alleviate any bloating discomforts as you make the

body move.

What are some tips for how guys can feel less bloated in general?

In general, to feel less bloated you want to ensure that you have some practices you follow

regularly. Some of these include: don’t eat too much at a time, you don’t always want to feel

stuffed. Simply start planning smaller meals throughout your day.

Check to ensure you don’t have any food allergies, even if small that might be constantly be

causing discomforts in your stomach. Common foods and ingredients to look out for are: dairy, eggs, peanuts, high fructose, wheat and gluten. Avoiding high fatty foods is crucial. Usually these are related to fast foods and greasy meals that are not healthy for us in general anyways.Personally, I can’t eat anything with sugar alcohols as I look like I am 3 months pregnant afterwards, so keep an eye on all the gum and sweets that may be high in them. Our bodies were not naturally designed to digest these in high amounts.

Adding some probiotics and or digestive enzymes may facilitate our stomachs ability to break

down food and not cause us to feel bloated due to certain foods it might have a harder time


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