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Re-Gaining Motivation Post Pandemic

The pandemic hit everyone globally different, but one similarity many shared in common was

sadly the weight gain and decreased motivation levels to stay in optimal shape. This was in

major due to the global closing of fitness centers, gym and having for many having to work from home. Here’s the good news! It’s okay if you are unmotivated to go back to working out or taking care of your health. This last year has taught us that we can’t control everything but now that slowly gyms, studios and classes are opening back up we have the chance to get back in there and work on ourselves. Getting back on track with our healthy habits can be tricky, especially when we have not been practicing them as often as before. Motivation levels dropped, but now more than ever it’s time to get back on track with our goals and light up our mindset. So, here’s my top tips to re-motivate yourself and come back stronger than before.


1. Set New Precise Goals –

The easiest way I’ve noticed clients don’t stick to their goals are

because they don’t create precise goals. They have a simple general idea of what they

want but that’s not enough. If your goal is to lose 30lbs in 6 months, then break it down

realistically to 5lbs per month and create micro goals to lose 1-2lbs per week. When you

do so, your motivation levels will be much more consistent as you see that the small

changes are going to contribute to your larger overall goals.


2. Learn from your past –

Before the pandemic hit, why do you think you weren’t at your optimal shape? Was it because you were inconsistent with your workouts? Or perhaps your eating habits? Maybe it was both! Think what it was that you struggled with the

most in the past so you can think of ways to avoid the same mistakes and end up

unmotivated. If you lacked more protein in your nutrition than it’s time to think of

adding a whey or plant-based protein powder. If you were unmotivated before the pandemic,

it’s time to access new ways to motivate yourself with learning from the past and not

repeating it.


3. Try something completely new –

If you need some extra motivation, then now is time

for you to try something new. Try a different class or gym. Changing your environment

can drastically change your way of doing things and mindset. When you repeat the same

actions, you slowly start losing interest in them, so give a try to a new aerobics class, a

new trail to run in or fitness facility. While you are at it, ensure you have energy to push

yourself in these new leisure’s.


4. Regain a routine –

It was natural for many of us to hit the gym on route to or from the

office pre-pandemic. Since many started working from home and the gyms closed, this

natural routine was completely halted. The global spread of Covid-19 forced many

people indoors for longer than they’d expected. This altered their eating, cooking and

exercise habits. Re-gaining motivation will also mean regaining habits that we’ve lost.

Yet its key to not be harsh on ourselves to re-gain all those habits back. Re incorporating them slowly can be frustrating as we had already mastered them before. But if you are

to re-gain control of your health and motivation it’s crucial to understand that you will

need to regain a routine that goes hand in hand with your fitness. Start small, with

something as simple as taking your multivitamin/mineral daily. Something as simple as this can go a long way in helping us regain our habits back. Start small, understand you weren’t the only one who’s affected by this time or and regain your motivation by taking small daily actions.


5. Be kind to yourself –

You lost your motivation. So did several others. Give yourself time

to get back on track at your own pace. This doesn’t mean keep waiting for change to

happen. You must make the change happen on your own. Regain your motivation by

taking small steps towards improvement. If you have children at home because they

can’t get back to school, then start walking with them outside. If you don’t have children

but have pets then take them on a longer walk. You are in control of what you want

from yourself, as long as you take ownership of that everything else will come with time.

The most important thing is continuing to move in the direction you want.

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