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Staying Active in the Fall

When the weather outside turns cold, we tend to want to stay inside and hibernate until warmer temperatures return. However, the last thing we want to do is sabotage all of the results we put in during the summer just to see them fade away like falls leaves in the fall. Here's a few ways to getting the most out of your workout in the colder months ahead

Plan Ahead Wisely - Most people get discouraged in the winter months because there is less sunlight throughout the day. It's important to ensure you are motivated to train by planning ahead when you will be working out during these colder days so you don't just unmotivated and go straight home from work. Ensure you bring all your workout gear and supplements to be ready to go straight to the gym before or after work and stay on track with your goals.


Dress dry, not just warm - The quickest way to loose body heat is to get wet and because water is an efficient heat conductor you want to ensure your clothes and body are ready for your outdoor workouts. Avoid active wear made from cotton which soaks up sweat and rain and holds in moisture.


Set Fall/Winter Goals - It's easy to set a goal for the summer when you are more likely to wear less clothes, but having realistic and sustainable goals during the winter months will keep you motivated and more active. Mindset is everything, so having a goal to reach will keep you accountable.


Boost Your Immunity With Supplements - Most don't want to train outside because they worry about getting sick during the colder months. Boost your immunity primarily with your nutrition and secondly with the right supplements like a multimineral/vitamin, Vitamin D & E and finally Zinc. Combined with the right training program and nutrition your immunity has no reason to drop during the winter months.


Mix it Up! You may have your summer routine, but that all changes in the fall when the kids go back to school. Mix up your workouts: turn boring house and yard work into a family workout! Raking leaves, vacuuming the house, and shoveling snow can all get your heart pumping

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